Health & Well-being Report – highlights personal health constitution and astrologically fated health challenges with advice to assist one in achieving balance and good health - personalized to date, time and location of birth.

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  • ... our individually prepared charts are analyzed with great care and precision, as they are by astrologers working for this site whose collective experience involves decades of studying both ancient and modern astrology, studying astrological charts of famous people, and preparing astrological reports.

  • ... a medical astrology report provides holistic insight that allopathic medicine does not. The two can work hand-in-hand, since dealing with spiritual issues may assist in the healing process.


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Disclaimer: Our medical astrology services do not purport to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Only a duly qualified health practitioner is capable of doing that after a proper in-person consultation. Use our reports for insight and further discussion with health care practitioners.