What is Medical Astrology?

There are various reasons for states of imbalance or disease in the body that manifest into acute or chronic illness.

  • Some causes of illness are physical
  • Some are emotional in original
  • Others are spiritual or karmic in nature
  • Some medical conditions are caused by an imbalance in elements
        (earth, fire, air and water)

Modern day nutritional challenges, together with increasingly sedentary lifestyles and technological and commuting stressors may destabilize the mind and body.

Issues of a psychological nature or leading to psychological problems may also play a role in illness:

  • Lack of direction in life
  • continuous struggle in goal attainment
  • relationships, career or financial difficulties
  • loss of family members or friends
  • loneliness

Examining an individual’s astrological picture at the time of birth may provide insight into the nature and origin of illness in addition to that provided by modern technology and medical knowledge. Medical astrology can provide useful clues in identifying spiritual, physical and personality imbalances, which will likely assist in rectifying those imbalances.

Our medical astrology reports, therefore, are holistic in scope. Much of what we struggle with during the course of our lives can be altered through an understanding of the astrological alignments at the time of birth, a review of what is occurring in an individual’s present-day chart, and an interpretation of the spiritual aspects, such as karma. While we are pre-programmed to a core personality and the need to repay the karmic debt of past lives, we are also born with the gift of free will, meaning we have the ability to restore balance to our lives.

Reading your medical astrology report will provide you with clues about the way in which you may bring about positive changes to your health.


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  • ... lack of direction in life, continuous struggle in goal attainment, relationship, career or financial difficulties, loss of family members or friends, loneliness, and other such issues of a psychological nature or leading to psychological problems may also play a role in illness.


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Disclaimer: Our medical astrology services do not purport to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Only a duly qualified health practitioner is capable of doing that after a proper in-person consultation. Use our reports for insight and further discussion with health care practitioners.